Buy on Amazon This is the website for 2nd edition of Advanced R, a book in Chapman & Hall’s R Series. The book is designed primarily for R users who want to improve their programming skills and understanding of the language. It should also be useful for programmers coming to R from other languages, as help you to understand why R works the way it does.

If you’re looking for the 1st edition, you can find it at http://adv-r.had.co.nz/.


Creative Commons Licence

This work, as a whole, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The code contained in this book is simultaneously available under the MIT license; this means that you are free to use it in your own packages, as long as you cite the source.

Other books

You may also be interested in:

  • Advanced R Solutions by Malte Grosser and Henning Bumann, provides worked solutions to the exercises in this book.

  • R for Data Science which introduces you to R as a tool for doing data science, focussing on a consistent set of packages known as the tidyverse.

  • R Packages which teaches you how to make the most of R’s fantastic package system.